This project is for everyone who can relate to the storyline and insights behind it.
Shuriken Chiks is a chaotic, bold manifest about necessity of self-expression in the noisy modern world.
To fully comprehend why we are doing this, please check the letter from us.

Then, if you feel we have some things in common, welcome to the Shuriken community.
In case you don’t like us, just skip it and have a nice day anyway! High five!


At first, Rebellious minds were just awakened.
When mankind entered the ultra-modern era,
room for armed conflicts to obtain the territories, power and wealth was supposed to be shut.
As it seemed, progress would have brought serenity.
When the world had lived in fictitious peace, the new conqueror arrived.

The noise.
It was hard to notice, as the noise did not arrive with weapons.
It was even more challenging to notice, as the noise, ironically, was brought by humans themselves.
They became mentally overloaded.
As the bubble strengthened over time, it became almost impossible to break it.
The bully was harsh.
The noise victoriously dictated the norms.

And then, Rebellious minds were pissed off.
When been commanded to speak in a certain way, they refused.
When been commanded to think in a certain way, they refused.
When been commanded to embrace certain behaviors, they brought a defensive cover-up.
When been commanded how to dress, they developed their unique style.
When been commanded to run lifeless rat race, they ran.
But in their own race.
So they’ve joined the endless run of staying courageous to explore. And to express.

And that slowly turned them into the warriors.
The rebellion has begun.


When you see them, you see loud expression of polarizing and rebellious identity. Shuriken Chiks is the Ethereum blockchain-based NFT collection made up by 10,000 unique pieces. All of them are bold, savageous and stylish, but some are rarer than others. There are thousands of them with hundreds of different attributes. Each chik belongs to the one shuriken category from this list:
We have four shuriken categories:

IPPAN | 40%
MIGOTO | 20%

You’ll also come across different kind of swords, cover-ups, outfits and bunch of things with different rarity proportions. For more details about the character looks, stay tuned. Before that, check the letter from us to understand reasoning behind this project if you have not done it yet.


The stronger shuriken category you are in, the better in-game skills you will have to compete. We appreciate what the blockchain brings for the gaming industry in terms of decentralized space and asset management.

As the endless runner games are very familiar genre for everyone and perfectly suited for our concept, we wanna expand the storyline into the endless runner NFT game “Shuriken Run”, where rarity of character traits will make the difference.

All of our NFT holders will have lifetime free access to the game.
If you are interested in P2E ability, please check FAQ section.


Details about the masterplan may evolve over time


Building the concept and creative direction.
Crafting visual identity and artwork design for the collection.
Developing Website.
Developing smart contract.
Storyline and collection overview introduced.


Building community around Shuriken Chiks. In Progress
Launching Discord server. In Progress
Providing the whitelisting details. EXPLORING
Giveaways for enthusiasts. EXPLORING
Minting date & pricing revealed. Coming Soon
Minting begins. Coming Soon

3/3 - SOLD OUT

Development of the NFT game officially takes off.
Timeframe for the first beta launch of the game provided .
15 special edition NFTs will be airdropped to the random holders.
Massive giveaway event with prize money worth 20 Eth.

2/3 - SOLD

5 special edition NFTs will be airdropped to the random holders.

1/3 - SOLD

5 Eth giveaway to the random Shuriken Chik holder.


First version of the Shuriken Run launched.
Shuriken Chik holders: Exclusive access.
Shuriken Chik holders: The Game's first main testers.
Giveaways for the most prominent and useful feedbacks.
After analysing feedbacks, we will decide about next upgrade.
Holders will basically take part in game development.


A New NFT collection will arrive.
Shuriken Chik holders: exclusive access to the presale.


Artist. Fell in love with anime before it was cool. Deals with overthinking by visual storytelling. Knows every unknown artist on Spotify. Grumpy when hungry.
Writer. Not a morning person at all. Curious about creative storytelling. A master in the demanding art of patience. Talkative introvert.
Founder. Tech nerd with bad jokes. Handles the business with codes since who the fuck knows how many years ago. Cheats his wife with blockchain shit. Tired if not working.
Developer. Brutal when on a diet. Pretty much every time on a diet. The most goofball in programmers and the most programmer in goofballs. You’d better Lock the screen if she is around.


Exact Date To Be Announced

To Be Announced Soon.

We absolutely consider integrating play-to-earn ability into the game in the long run.
The thing is – good P2E games are not made overnight. Building proper tokenomics and that kind of stuff requires tons of careful development.
If anyone tells you otherwise, always double check. On the one hand, we don’t wanna make crazy promises for the short period of time that, in fact, requires years of proper development.
On the second hand, we don’t wanna sacrifice quality and give you the useless product in 2 months with broken tokenomics just to say “it’s p2e bla bla bla”.
We want to take one step at a time, give the community first version, listen to the feedbacks, upgrade accordingly and then decide about the next steps.
We want to make game simple enough for even non-gamers to be competitive and functional enough to be interesting.
This industry is still new and it changes fast, we prefer providing quality stuff over useless promises with no functional execution.

We are exploring the gas efficient ways for minting on daily basis. Almost certainly it will be ERC721A.

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